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NERVIN architecture Ltd / NERVIN arkkitehtuuri Oy
(2019-2023 AS LL TK architects Ltd)
is a Helsinki-based architecture practice founded in 2019
by Antti Soini, Leo Lindroos and Tuuli Kanerva.
The work of the office ranges from
public buildings and apartment houses to private villas.

Our aim is to utilize the potential of architecture as well as
the resources available to the maximum and
create spaces of subtle wonder.
Sustainability is at the core of our work.
We work both with BIM modeling and physical models to ensure
the quality of our work and a
smooth process with our collaborators and clients.

In 2023 NERVIN architecture was awarded  the Pietilä Prize
for outstanding work in the field of architectural renewal.

Mechelininkatu 16 LH7, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

Antti Soini, partner, architect SAFA, +358 40 824 7624
Leo Lindroos, partner, architect SAFA, +358 40 736 9549
Tuuli Kanerva, partner, architect SAFA
Vesa Pekka Erikkilä, architect SAFA
Marjaana Juujärvi, architect SAFA
Leif Lindegren, architect SAFA
Valter Rutanen, architect
Aaron Vartiainen, architect
Kristian Äijö, architect SAFA

Group photo by Emma Lindegren